Skee Ball Tournament at
Arts District Brewing Company

Los Angeles

For my birthday this year I combined my love or beer drinking with my love of Skee Ball for a super fun day at Arts District Brewery


We had the party on a Saturday and everyone showed up around 1pm. I had called Arts District Brewing company and they had let me reserve a table over by the Skee Ball area as well as 2 of the machines for our tourney. Once everyone arrived we ordered drinks (of course) and some food for the group from Fritzi which is a restaurant next door that has an order window that comes into the Brewery. After everyone was properly lubricated and we knew food was on the way it was time to get down to business. The tournament was a standard 16 person, single elimination format. The bracket seedings were randomly generated by drawing names out of a hat. Each Skee Ball game costs a dollar so I told my friends to bring enough 1 dollar bills to ensure they could make it through the final. We also set a rule that the loser of each game had to buy the winner their next drink. During the time that we weren't battling it out for Skee Ball glory there were plenty of other games to be had and overall it was just a really chill atmosphere. Once we wrapped up the tournament we move outside to their beautiful patio and dug into a Mexican Chocolate Pie that my friend had picked up from The Pie Hole right down the street. Everyone had a ton of fun and we're already talking about doing the tournament again.

Make it Yours

Definitely call them ahead of time to reserve a space. They were really easy and accommodating. If you don't want to reserve a space I think you could still do it you'd just be gambling on if there will be space for you over by the Skee Ball machines because they're pretty popular. Also parking was very limited so it might be best to carpool or uber.

Los Angeles, CA
$50 per person
Arts District Brewing Company


The Pie Hole


Posted on August 22, 2020
Katherine Van Winkle
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