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Team Building Activity

We got our team together to try out one of the offerings from The Escape Game and had a blast! We were skeptical at first, but they've adapted to virtual well!


We love Escape Rooms and since March we have missed doing them. We got our team together to try one of The Escape Game's rooms and it was a blast. We chose "The Heist" because who doesn't love a good Ocean's movie. The company provides a field agent on the ground in the room and we effectively run the operation. Clues were a blast and the team really enjoyed the creativity on this one. Can't wait to try out one of the rest of the other four themed rooms.

Make it Yours

Plan a team Zoom shortly after completing this one because you are definitely going to want to go over it together! Also, be sure to go to the restroom before because it's a time crunch and there is no time to lose...

$40 per person
Team Building Activity
The Escape Game


Posted on September 29, 2020
Sylvester Speakeasy
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