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Dear Venues,

We’re your biggest fans and we want you to survive and thrive. Capacity restrictions and distancing guidelines require a shift in thinking. Your establishment can no longer have underutilized areas. We want to help you fill whatever you can by listing your spaces for group bookings with us. By knowing the crowd size, orders or menu preferences ahead of time, you’ll be able to boost your revenue streams and know how to properly staff. Customers are placing a premium on guaranteeing they can gather with all of their friends and family, safely. Evee can help you meet your needs while satisfying theirs.

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Evee allows you to highlight your group booking options and communicate how you’re adapting to these uncertain times. We are committed to promoting your safe, fun, environment for everyone to come back to! By highlighting your venue’s bookable spaces, Evee can help you maximize utilization and regain those lost revenues. Simply click the button below to fill out a quick form and we'll start the onboarding process. Typically complete within 36 hours.

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Evee is an online platform making it easier for companies and large groups to plan and book their events. We host an array of venues and vendors, focusing on the curation of the best experiences tailored to our customer's events. Reduce communication overhead by allowing Evee to handle client messaging so you can focus on your business.
Qualified Lead Generation

Specify availability, capability, and pricing parameters to ensure you waste no time on lost leads

Event Management Services

Allow our team of remote event managers to field incoming requests and handle coordination

Credit Authorizations & Deposits

No more hassle with payment processors, Evee allows you to perform these transactions seamlessly online

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Work with our success team on creating custom group packages that make sense for your business

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Promote your spot to be the first thing users see when searching for specific locations or event types

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Boost your reach by leveraging our engagment campaigns, design content, and interactive media