Angie Banicki - Mystic and Tarot Card Reader

Tarot Happy Hour

Angie Banicki - Mystic and Tarot Card Reader
$1200 flat rate
  • Starting rates include up to 10 people for up to an hour, request quote for larger bookings

Gather your team of friends or coworkers and ask the cards! Angie gives insights, answers questions and has music that channels along with the readings. You can ask personal questions, questions about your product or work creations or ask about the world at large!

About Angie Banicki - Mystic and Tarot Card Reader

Angie uses tarot cards, numerology, astrology, music and her mystical channel to bring guidance, fun and truth to your path! Walk away with self knowledge, a burst of energy and a playlist for your life at the moment!

Need help planning?

We get it, it's hard to pull the trigger on such a momentous event. Drop us a line with any questions or concerns and one of our event planners will get back to you momentarily.

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