Columbia St. Roastery

Virtual Coffee Cupping

Columbia St. Roastery
$30 / person
  • 5 pre-measured packets of coffee from around the world
  • Optional Hario V60 Coffee Dripper
  • Group Zoom class with instruction on how to make perfect cup of joe
  • Coffee Cupping Instructions and Taster's Flavor Wheel to help you refine your palette
  • Minimum purchase of 8 coffee parcels
  • Addresses for delivery needed 10 days prior to event (form to be supplied to receive information from each participant)
  • Each guest will provide their own mugs, hot water, and spoons

Our Virtual Coffee Cupping (Tasting) Class is a great way to figure out what coffees you like. We have made it simple and easy with our cupping kit. You will get 5 pre-measured packets of coffee that works with 8 to 12oz size coffee mugs. Via Zoom, we will walk you through the cupping steps and you will get to try a coffee from each coffee growing region (Central & South America, Africa, and Indonesia) as well as a natural processed coffee. For $20 more per person, we will include a Hario V60 for you to learn the steps of how to make the perfect cup of coffee. We will walk you step by step of the basics in order to know in how to make a great cup of coffee with the V60. We will also discuss the different variables that effect the overall flavor of coffee. In this class we will start with the basics and then test one of the variable - ratios - through three different pre-measured coffees included in the kit.

About Columbia St. Roastery

We are a proud three generational family business that dates back to 1951 in Champaign / Urbana. The family business has evolved with each generation and in 1998 we opened a coffee roastery on Columbia St. in Champaign IL with the goal of providing our customers the best coffee experience. Over the years our family values have led us to realize what our true mission is as a family business, that is to be active members in each community we are apart of.

Need help planning?

We get it, it's hard to pull the trigger on such a momentous event. Drop us a line with any questions or concerns and one of our event planners will get back to you momentarily.

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