Move with Danielle


Move with Danielle
$1500 minimum spend
  • 60 to 90 minutes of dance instruction
  • A competely customizable dance lesson! Choose your theme or style when requesting to book, eg. "Harry Styles music video with high intensity please!"
  • As much space as possible to move around! Slide the coffee table up against the wall and try to clear a “dance floor” for class
  • A water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Comfortable clothes to move freely and sweat in
  • Tennis shoes recommended

60-90 minute Dance class. Class will include a brief warm up to prepare the body for movement, and then a dance combination in the style of your choosing. Danielle has danced with artists such as Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, and The Rolling Stones, and has performed in musicals across the country. Styles for class: Broadway Jazz, Hip Hop, or Stiletto Heel (back-up dancing or burlesque style) Customizations can also include: level of difficulty, song selection, show or theme. It’s time for your group to hit the stage and live their performance fantasy!

About Move with Danielle

Pilates, Barre Burn or Dance with Danielle! A professional dancer and fitness instructor for over ten years, Danielle loves to share her passion for movement, and will tailor the class to your group’s every wish. Specializing in theme classes for all levels, this is not your average Zoom fitness experience. Ever wanted to feel like a back up dancer for Beyoncé on tour? Barre Burn to Jock Jams? Star in the opening number of your favorite Broadway show? Elevate Pilates Mat with a Britney Spears playlist or a relaxed Tiki vibe? In a “Move with Danielle” class, a great workout is implied but FUN is 100% guaranteed. Classic, challenging workouts are also available. Let’s MOVE!

Other Offers from Move with Danielle
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Move with Danielle

Pilates Mat

45-60 minute Pilates Mat class. Based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates, class will lengthen and strengthen muscles while paying special attention to restoring mobility to the spine. It’s hard core! Customizations can include: level of difficulty, playlist, class theme, accessories (hand weights, ball, etc or none)
$1200 minimum spend
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Move with Danielle

Barre Burn

45-60 minute Barre Burn class. Based on low impact micro-movements combining athletic conditioning, ballet barre, and Pilates, this class will push your endurance and acquaint you with “the shake”! Customizations can include: level of difficulty, playlist, class theme, accessories (hand weights, ball, etc or none) Class requires a “barre”, something to hold on to like a counter or chair back.
$1200 minimum spend
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