Off Hours Bourbon

Bourbon for Beginners Masterclass

Off Hours Bourbon
$50 / person
  • 1 Sample bottle (3.30z) of Off Hours for $50 OR 1 full bottle with ingredients + cocktail shaker for $120
  • Hosted by the Founder and CEO Jake Ireland + an Off Hours Mixologist
  • Going through Bourbon 101; tasting it neat and over ice; + mixology class if full bottle purchase
  • Collateral if desired e.g. product one sheet, cocktail cards, etc.
  • Optional swag at brand cost (ice molds, YETI, sweatshirts, hats)! Inquire when requesting to book
  • Minimum purchase of $1000

Bourbon for Beginners. Founder and CEO Jake Ireland and an Off Hours mixologist will start with the basics, dispelling the myths around bourbon, and ensuring that the next time you order a bourbon cocktail, you’re fully prepared. Think of it as a "welcome to the family." After all, Off Hours Bourbon is for everyone, everywhere.

About Off Hours Bourbon

Off Hours is authentically crafted for today’s modern bourbon drinker. It’s made for the moments in between. This is bourbon for creating memories, for celebrating each other, and for building real-life connections.

Need help planning?

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