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Pez Cantina
$1000 flat rate

Hang out with Bret and Chris as they educate and direct guest on how to make Pez Cantina's thirst-quenching Michelada. For the ultimate Pez Experience, sip on a PezCraft cocktail while learning with Bret and Chris. +$65 per person (before shipping & handling). This is great for guest that want the full Pez Cantina experience right from their very own home or office. Pez Cantina’s cocktail mixes are natural, premade, and easy to enjoy. What it includes: 1-32 oz of all-natural Pez Craft Cocktail 1-4oz Jar of Pez Powder Chile and Lime Seasoning-Original 1-8oz Bottle of Pez Cantina's Homemade Chamoy Sweet, Sour, and Spicy Tamarind Paste Used to Rim Margarita Glasses 1-Shaker

About Pez Cantina

Pez Cantina is a downtown hotspot that offers a beautiful oasis-styled patio with the freshest sea-to-land dishes in all of Los Angeles. Creating traditional cuisine from across Mexico, the flavors and ingredients of this intimate evening are far from bland and perfect for anyone looking to space up the typical evening out. Boasting a convenient location in the Financial District and one of the most relaxing patios in all of Los Angeles, Pez Cantina is the hottest hidden gem in all of Southern California.

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Pez Cantina

Tequila vs. Mezcal

Go behind the scenes with Bret and Chris as they guide the guest through the different regions of Oaxaca (where Mezcal is from) and Jalisco (-where Tequila is made) while they explain the difference between Mezcal and Tequila. Guests will be taught how to make a Mezcal and Tequila cocktail.
$1000 flat rate
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