Puzzle Break

The Grimm Escape

Puzzle Break
$25 / person
  • 4-12 players per group, though Puzzle Break can host very large scale events!

The Grimm Escape: Virtual Edition has all of the essence of our normal escape rooms. Requiring brain power, team work, communication and togetherness, you and your group will have 1 hour to find the clues, solve the puzzles and cast the correct spell to break the Witch's curse before the clock strikes zero.

About Puzzle Break

At Puzzle Break, we host virtual games for all types of events and social gatherings: Corporate team building, holiday parties and many other! We can support any time zone, 7 days a week - any country around the globe. We can support event sizes from 3 to 3000 participants.

Need help planning?

We get it, it's hard to pull the trigger on such a momentous event. Drop us a line with any questions or concerns and one of our event planners will get back to you momentarily.

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