Virtual Trivia

$399 flat rate
  • 60 minute or 90 minute Zoom with a dedicated trivia host.
  • A URL will be provided for teams to submit their answers. Typically each team will delegate a captain as only one person from each team needs to submit answers.
  • 3-4 rounds of 6-8 questions depending on team size & time allocated. Final scores will be tallied after the last round. If there is a tie, we will go into an optional tie-breaker round where the tied teams will compete in a numerical question.
  • Zoom is preferred for its breakout room functionality. Please let us know if that will be an issue and your video conferencing platform of choice as an alternative.
  • You can either provide pre-assigned teams or have them automatically randomized (ideal target is around 4 to 8 per team).

3-4 rounds of uncensored virtual trivia, guided by a comedian as a host!

About Thrivia

It's always trivia season! Thrivia's talented hosts have revamped the questions and teams are loving this one! We can even do a round of inside jokes, corporate facts, or just random thoughts you’d like to share to keep things fresh for you and your team. Pro tip - pair this with one of Evee's mixology class beforehand for peak trivia experience.

Need help planning?

We get it, it's hard to pull the trigger on such a momentous event. Drop us a line with any questions or concerns and one of our event planners will get back to you momentarily.

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