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Move with Danielle
Move with Danielle's

Pilates Mat

About the Experience

45-60 minute Pilates Mat class. Based on the teachings of Joseph Pilates, class will lengthen and strengthen muscles while paying special attention to restoring mobility to the spine. It’s hard core! Customizations can include: level of difficulty, playlist, class theme, accessories (hand weights, ball, etc or none)

Meet your host

Pilates, Barre Burn or Dance with Danielle! A professional dancer and fitness instructor for over ten years, Danielle loves to share her passion for movement, and will tailor the class to your group’s every wish. Specializing in theme classes for all levels, this is not your average Zoom fitness experience. Ever wanted to feel like a back up dancer for Beyoncé on tour? Barre Burn to Jock Jams? Star in the opening number of your favorite Broadway show? Elevate Pilates Mat with a Britney Spears playlist or a relaxed Tiki vibe? In a “Move with Danielle” class, a great workout is implied but FUN is 100% guaranteed. Classic, challenging workouts are also available. Let’s MOVE!

Move with Danielle
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$1200 minimum spend
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