Wine Spencer

Virtual Wine Tasting

Wine Spencer
$35 / person
  • 90 minute wine tasting over Zoom.
  • Wine Spencer will send you either producer or region based recommendations.

Our wine tasting class help you discover how to distinguish between wines, uncover your passion for sweet or savory notes, and educate yourself in the most prominent styles of wine in the world. During our ninety minute class we will discuss the winemaking process, popular wine regions, provide a wine aromas cheat sheet, and talk through how to taste and evaluate the wines. In our Old World vs. New World-class, we take our students on a historical journey exploring the origins of wines, including distinct differences in the winemaking process for each period. Our class will transport you to the Old World, where wines originating from European countries, including North Africa and Middle Eastern regions, are explored. Our New World wines include brands from Australia, South Africa, and North America. Allow us to take you all around the world and to broaden your horizons when learning about distinguishing wine factors. By gaining an understanding of wine origins and production, we hope to support a deeper appreciation for worldly wines.

About Wine Spencer

Wine Spencer is your dedicated and passionate wine tasting and consultant business. Founded and led by two bold women, Wine Spencer is the leading service in wine tasting and wine education. Introducing wines and its specialties in a truly engaging and rewarding presentation, we aim to make wine accessible for all.

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